Mudhugger Germany

Born in 2012 at the end of the wettest summer on record in the UK Mudhugger has really made their mark in the mountainbike scene. The lightweight fenders made from recycled polypropylen fit to almost any fork or frame available and keeps mud, spray and dirt away from the rider.

Mudhugger Germany delivers fenders to all but a few european countries and all around the world. Please click here for a list of countries and shipping details.

Mudhugger EVO front fenders were specifically developed to offer more space between the fork crown and fender. This avoids the problem of the crown hitting the mudguard at full compression that other mudguards suffer from. Additionally the Bolt-On models are the first that can be permantly fixed to a fork arch with bolts. See the product details for information about compatibility and fitting.


All Mudhugger Fenders are designed, made and packed in the UK.

Mudhuggers are made from recycled polypropylen and can again be fully recycled at the end of their life.